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In English

News From My Lace Pages

7. dubna 2009 v 8:35 | Lucie Kudrnová
I'd like to present some news on my web pages again. A couple of new articles and photos were added recently and maybe you will find some of them interesting.
One of them is an interesting portrait of Czech designer Dana Bezděková. She doesn't make lace, but mostly a metal jewelry combined with various materials, but her work is very interesting, modern, original and extravagant and it is worth seeing for people who admire the elegancy of lines and shapes, craft and fantasy and the charm and glamour of elaborated materials. In her designs jewels are full of life and they are in motion in conjunction with space nad human body - they appear as if being a part of the personality. This is especially remarkable on beautiful art photos of models wearing jewelry in her Projects gallery.

Second article summarises my impressions from two recent exhibitions in Prague - the exhibition of well known and respected lacemaker Iva Prošková
( titled A Magic Thread ) and second one organized by Club of Inspiration (a society of lacemakers) and focused on jewelry and dress accesories. Both were very interesting and full of inspiration.

Next article reminds of my 3-D fractal lace, it goes deeper into this theme and describes the sources if my inspiration, compares finished lace
and fractal shapes, writes about the mathematical character of fractals, about their appearance in nature and about creating fantastic computer paintings of fractals with the help of mathematical methods and programs. There is a lot of links to fractal galleries, which are really landscapes of pure fantasy and imagination.

From other articles I'd like to mention Winter Lace Beauty with my photos of frosted trees, gentle lace-like structures of snow and ice and magic mountain isle in the mist.

My experiments with paintings on silk and marmor painting technique are mentioned in another article and they served me as an inspiration for the abstract lace in frame, I'm just working on.

Another invitation was for the exhibition of bethlehems in Bethlehem Chapel
in Prague and for autumn lace fair. There is a lace by Ivana Domanjova, a great Czech lacemaker and teacher on the picture from the fair. You can see more pictures from these events in the gallery of bethlehems and in lace fair gallery. From other lace events you can also look on photos from Vamberk.

There is a a free pattern of Christmas bell
with The Holy Family on my pages, too.

OIDFA Congress and Other News

13. srpna 2008 v 11:07 | Lucie Kudrnová
It's time to inform about the news on my pages in English again, I think. The most important recent happening was the OIDFA Congress in Netherlands which took place in Groningen at the beginning of July. Maybe lot of you have attended this lacemaking feast and maybe you haven't been there - for all of you there is a report of my visit on my pages and a gallery of lacemaking and a travelling gallery too. I was really a great event.
In June, we had another lace event in Czech Republic - a lace fair with several exhibitions in Vamberk. Many excellent Czech lacemakers are exposing there and this year among foreign visitors British and Spanish lacemakers participated too. Famous is also a fashion show in Bystřec, which was very interesting, colourful and inspiring this year.
As concerning my work, there are some news too. I'll start with new sorts of art, which I am trying - wood carving and Encaustic painting. I made several wood jewelry pieces - just for trying this technique and I spent some time with Encaustic painting, which I like very much. It's an old technique (from the Roman times) - painting is created by ironing the hot wax on chalk paper. You can use also very tiny iron or metalic brush to make some details. This painting is very specific - it makes fantastic structures and shapes, you can combine very bright and fancy colours and make fantasy sceneries full of imagination. You can look for there pictures in some of my older or newer galleries or articles.
There are of course some lace news on my pages too - there's a new free pattern of lace jewelry - it's a pendant in several variations in the shape of a leaf from Gingho Biloba tree. The photos are demonstrating different colours and fillings in diverse jewelry pieces. Another lace pieces can be seen in the gallery with my lace for OIDFA - I have participated on making lace for the Czech exhibition - at last there were collected 444 pieces from Czech lacemakers made by the pattern of Iva Prošková. Our lace group also attended the OIDFA handbags competition and I made 3 handbags for this occasion, combining leader and lace. You can see all Czech handbags in this gallery and some other from the OIDFA competition here. At the end, there are some new jewelry pieces I've made in the gallery Lace and Beads - it's a gold necklage and a brown necklage which is inspired by a tree bark as well as the bracelets.

OIDFA Congress Report

13. srpna 2008 v 10:43 | Lucie Kudrnová
At the beginning of July I've visited OIDFA Congress in Groningen in Netherlands with the tour organised for Czech lacemakers. I am still full of impressions, which I'd like to share with you. The trip had fantastic atmosphere, though it was rainy for some time and beside lace we saw a big part of Netherlands in 6 days. Aside from a lot of impressions I brought home many photos too. Some of them are on my web pages - here you can see the photos from travelling and in OIDFA gallery part of the lace photos. (A result of a trip I made also a DVD with another 3500 photos ;-)). You can also see other news on my pages here.
Our trip began in the town Groningen, where OIDFA Congress was held and we spent the whole day here - there were many expositions, sellers, exhibitions. We were proud of Czech exposition with the curtains made of 444 lace pieces created by many and many Czech lacemakers. They were made by the pattern of famous Czech lacemaker Iva Prošková. The expositions of other states were also interesting - I liked best the Spanish and British one. A big part of OIDFA was occupied by a handbag competition - my tip was about 250 handbags - and it was really worth seeing! There was so much invention, fantasy, ideas and craft to see here! Another interesting exhibition was called From Then to Now and it was tremendous too. My favorite was a really wonderful exhibition of modern lace in St. Martin's Church and beside this took me up hats in the Beilen exhibition and other hats and handbags in Leens exhibition.
Our programme was polarized on lace in the next days too - we visited a privite museum of historical costumes in Noordhorn (it was lovely and you could meet the members of this family showing costumes on OIDFA too). The we saw lace museums i Leeuwarden and during the way back there were two other lace exhibitions - Floral Bedforshire exhibition (and Withof lace) in Apeldoorn and Hollandsche Kant exhibition in Zwolle. Both were marvelous and very interesting. The last exhibiton was in Cuijk and it was an exhibition of Czech lacemakers from Přerov.
But Netherlands is not only lace, but also other beauties -we walked the streets of Groningen (most of all you can see the bikes - they are really everywhere, even in underground parking places ). We tried some local species like fried fish and cheese which was in many cheese shops. Next day we had a trip to the Groningen lakes a to the water fortress in Leens and to Noordhornu. Typical sights in this country offer feeding cows, horses or sheeps on green pastures surrounded by water channels and you can see a lot of windmills too. Lovely little houses with gardens and big windows are also typical, the same way as fantastic tors with many channels, drawbridges and narrow brick houses. The churches are built in the style of "brick gothic". Such was also Monnickendam, where we had an accomodation for free days with a wonderful sight on yacht harbour. We also tasted here Rothe local species - a herink, which was really excellent. Extremely interesting was also an exhibition of japanese basketry in school for basket makers in Noordwolte. The curiosity was for instance a whole basketry motorcycle ;-).
Netherlands jewel i sof course Amsterdam - we had one day for the excursion and we saw a lot - a chinese town, outdoor town museum Bejinhof, a famous flower market, Rijksmuzeum with old master paintings, muzeum of Van Gogha. We took a boat trip by a Canalbus to Rembrandt house a and we admired a sculptural group of Nigth Watch, which was made after the famous Rembrandt's painting. Next day we visited peninsula Noord Holland north of Amsterdamem - and we got wet during the storm in beautiful village and harbour Marken. In Volendamu we had an excursion in manufacture for producing typical Netherlands wooden shoes and famous cheese and we bought some souvenirs here, of course. Very windy was the visit of Bergen aan Zee - it's a great beach with sand dunes. But it was really cold for swimming, we felt better in jackets ;-). Our last stop was in Alkmaar, where the cheese fairs are held (but unfortunately not in the time we were there).

What's New In October

23. října 2007 v 10:09 | Lucie Kudrnová
I'd like to draw your attention to some news and lace exhibitions that I have attended and from which I have made some picture report. In half of October, lace days in Nordhalben in Germany were held. This was connected with the exhibition of bobbin lace on fairy tales motives and with the exhibition of Mrs. Ulrike Löhr, an excellent lacemaker. She has personally given us a commentary to her lace, which was really fascinating, each lace has it's own history connected with the inspiration and a story. So she told us about a lace which was inspired by a psalm in Bible - about hope and light in the dark places, another one inspired by a poem about a last autumn rose, so beautiful and live and so near to death, lace mirroring the water surface, another lace representing the soul, for some time visible in the world, then dissapearing and again appearing like threads, that are weaving in and out. Really breathtaking thing! You can see some photos from these exhibitions.
In Prague there was a vernissage of an exhibition named Lace jewelry by a czech lacemaker Anna Halíková. Her jewelry is really original and wonderful. Another exhibition named Wonder Tracks of Threads was organized by Inspiration Club in Prague and members of this club exhibited their lace here.
From my own recent lace work I put a free pattern of a bracelet on my pages and in the gallery a series of lace jewelry with beads, inspired by a core of trees.

What's New In September

26. září 2007 v 14:27 | Lucie Kudrnová
Recently, there were some new articles added and some new photogalleries, too. Here is a brief survey of them:
Magical trails of threads - An exhibition of Club "Inspiration" in Prague. The club organizes thematical exhibitons regularly and has interesting web pages witha lace e-magazine. Some photos added.
Iron scrap sculpture exhibition - An interesting exhibition of prehistorical iron scrap reptiles (made of rummage of PC's, keyboards, screens, printers etc. An ecological activity of recycling these electrical facilities.
Annaberg Lacedays - An article about our visit of Annaberg Lacedays in September. Annaberg in a typical German town with long mining and lace tradition and Lacedays take place here annualy. There are several exhibitions here with traditional and modern lace and a big lace market. A woodcarving school can be seen here too. A lot of photos from Annaberg are here.
World Lace Buddy Map - An article about a new Buddy Map - Lacemakers of the World on the pages of Lacefairy. You can click on the map, search lacemakers and add yourself to the map.
Malá Fatra - An article about our week hiking tour in Slowakia Mountains Malá Fatra. Photos here.

Abou passion (for hand work)

24. srpna 2007 v 12:53 | Lucie Kudrnová
Who would like to have some entertainment, look at YouTube on video named The Last Knit, which is not about lacemaking, but about knitting, but it marvelously documentates the passion for handwork (which a lot of us has got ;-)).
There are also some videos about lacemaking there - which can be found searching bobbin lace or lacemaking - look, some of them are really interesting.

Something more about pillows

15. srpna 2007 v 11:34 | Lucie Kudrnová
In several articles I'd like to return to some things in my gallery and write a little bit more about them. According to the fact, that some visitors are English speaking, the Czech articles will be time to time duplicated in English (like this one), there are newly added English names of Sections and Galleries (where it isn't too long ;-) and step by step there will be completed English description of the pictures in the galleries located under the pictures (it's in first three of them yet).
First, I'd like to write something about pillows. Most of my pillows I make by my own, I stuff them with hay or sawdust and I use various shapes, according to the lace I want to make.
My son helps me with this - we make them on our cottage, I sew the cover of pillows and my son cuts out the wooden boards. He had also made for me some wooden pillow stands.
The conical pillow was made for lacing an angel, using raw materials as raw threads, paper rope and pedig (to make the wings stiff). On the first picture the angel is on the pillow yet and on the second one it's already done. To use the pillow more then once I made some other laces - like the small "sputnik" angel with wire wings, head and "antenas" and a purple one, too.
The rotund pillow was used for a hat, I can be seen on in process, and here completed.
But my favourite pillow is a round one, I make most of lace on it .

For English Speaking Guests

28. června 2007 v 8:29 | Lucie Kudrnová
Hello everybody, Iď like to write something about my lacepages and about me here. My name is Lucy Kudrnova and I come from Czech Republic. I live in Prague, the capital city. I am married and I have 2 already grown children a son (22) and a daughter (21). My profession is a programmer and analyst and bobbin lace is my great hobby.
I am lacing for about 5 or 6 years now, first I started to learn lace by myself only studying books and then I began to attend the lace courses organized by the Educational Association of Art Craft ( ). The courses are really perfect, inspirative and we learn a lot. Our teachers are the best Czech lacemakers - Iva Prošková, Milča Eremiášová and Ivana Domanjová. The association is also holding many exhibitions (O.I.D.F.A., Annaberg, Plauen, Vamberk,...) and organizes lacemakers fairs.
I am interested especially in modern lace and I make a lot of experiments with combining materials. All presented lace (except the gallery What I have visited(Co jsem navštívila) ;-)) is made by my own designs. My lace is mostly in colour, I combine thin and thick materials, wool, often I use paper rope. My laces are also combined with wire, beads or with natural materials - like dried flowers (an Angel), wood, even with pine needles (a handbag). Some of my works are 3D (like hanging angels and fish, three dimensional fractals etc.) I am also making neckpieces, necklaces, woman lace hats and aplications on cloth - especially jean cloth.
So I am interested in all modern methods in lacemaking and lace for nowadays used in fashion and art. Among my other hobbies belongs photographing, tourism, hiking and biking. Occasionally I also do some other handwork as passe-partout, work with wire etc.
You can find some of my other English articles about lace in section named In English.
My photogallery is divided by themes and I will put here a translation od items:
Galerie - Gallery
Andělé - Angels
Motýli s drátem (i bez) - Butterflies with wire (and without wire, too)
Kabely a pásky - Handbags and belts
Šály - Wraps, scarfs
Turistika a fotografování - Tourism and photography
Krajka ve strukturách dřeva - Lace in wooden structures
Klobouky - Woman hats
Herdule - My pillows for lacemaking
Barevné kompozice - Color compositions
Plovoucí ryby - Swimming fish
Krajka a dřevo - Lace and wood
Prostorové fraktály - 3D fractals
Co jsem navštívila - What I have visited
Foto z vyučování - Photos form the courses
Krajka a džíny - Lace and jeans
Krajka a korálky - Lace and beads (necklages)
Různé další krajky - Other lace
Pasparty - Passe-partout