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News From My Lace Pages

7. dubna 2009 v 8:35 | Lucie Kudrnová |  In English
I'd like to present some news on my web pages again. A couple of new articles and photos were added recently and maybe you will find some of them interesting.
One of them is an interesting portrait of Czech designer Dana Bezděková. She doesn't make lace, but mostly a metal jewelry combined with various materials, but her work is very interesting, modern, original and extravagant and it is worth seeing for people who admire the elegancy of lines and shapes, craft and fantasy and the charm and glamour of elaborated materials. In her designs jewels are full of life and they are in motion in conjunction with space nad human body - they appear as if being a part of the personality. This is especially remarkable on beautiful art photos of models wearing jewelry in her Projects gallery.

Second article summarises my impressions from two recent exhibitions in Prague - the exhibition of well known and respected lacemaker Iva Prošková
( titled A Magic Thread ) and second one organized by Club of Inspiration (a society of lacemakers) and focused on jewelry and dress accesories. Both were very interesting and full of inspiration.

Next article reminds of my 3-D fractal lace, it goes deeper into this theme and describes the sources if my inspiration, compares finished lace
and fractal shapes, writes about the mathematical character of fractals, about their appearance in nature and about creating fantastic computer paintings of fractals with the help of mathematical methods and programs. There is a lot of links to fractal galleries, which are really landscapes of pure fantasy and imagination.

From other articles I'd like to mention Winter Lace Beauty with my photos of frosted trees, gentle lace-like structures of snow and ice and magic mountain isle in the mist.

My experiments with paintings on silk and marmor painting technique are mentioned in another article and they served me as an inspiration for the abstract lace in frame, I'm just working on.

Another invitation was for the exhibition of bethlehems in Bethlehem Chapel
in Prague and for autumn lace fair. There is a lace by Ivana Domanjova, a great Czech lacemaker and teacher on the picture from the fair. You can see more pictures from these events in the gallery of bethlehems and in lace fair gallery. From other lace events you can also look on photos from Vamberk.

There is a a free pattern of Christmas bell
with The Holy Family on my pages, too.

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.

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