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OIDFA Congress and Other News

13. srpna 2008 v 11:07 | Lucie Kudrnová |  In English
It's time to inform about the news on my pages in English again, I think. The most important recent happening was the OIDFA Congress in Netherlands which took place in Groningen at the beginning of July. Maybe lot of you have attended this lacemaking feast and maybe you haven't been there - for all of you there is a report of my visit on my pages and a gallery of lacemaking and a travelling gallery too. I was really a great event.
In June, we had another lace event in Czech Republic - a lace fair with several exhibitions in Vamberk. Many excellent Czech lacemakers are exposing there and this year among foreign visitors British and Spanish lacemakers participated too. Famous is also a fashion show in Bystřec, which was very interesting, colourful and inspiring this year.
As concerning my work, there are some news too. I'll start with new sorts of art, which I am trying - wood carving and Encaustic painting. I made several wood jewelry pieces - just for trying this technique and I spent some time with Encaustic painting, which I like very much. It's an old technique (from the Roman times) - painting is created by ironing the hot wax on chalk paper. You can use also very tiny iron or metalic brush to make some details. This painting is very specific - it makes fantastic structures and shapes, you can combine very bright and fancy colours and make fantasy sceneries full of imagination. You can look for there pictures in some of my older or newer galleries or articles.
There are of course some lace news on my pages too - there's a new free pattern of lace jewelry - it's a pendant in several variations in the shape of a leaf from Gingho Biloba tree. The photos are demonstrating different colours and fillings in diverse jewelry pieces. Another lace pieces can be seen in the gallery with my lace for OIDFA - I have participated on making lace for the Czech exhibition - at last there were collected 444 pieces from Czech lacemakers made by the pattern of Iva Prošková. Our lace group also attended the OIDFA handbags competition and I made 3 handbags for this occasion, combining leader and lace. You can see all Czech handbags in this gallery and some other from the OIDFA competition here. At the end, there are some new jewelry pieces I've made in the gallery Lace and Beads - it's a gold necklage and a brown necklage which is inspired by a tree bark as well as the bracelets.

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1 guzzisue guzzisue | E-mail | Web | 24. října 2008 v 8:20 | Reagovat

I have just found your amazing lace blog, I am just starting to experiment with free lace and I have found so much inspiration here. Thank you

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