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OIDFA Congress Report

13. srpna 2008 v 10:43 | Lucie Kudrnová |  In English
At the beginning of July I've visited OIDFA Congress in Groningen in Netherlands with the tour organised for Czech lacemakers. I am still full of impressions, which I'd like to share with you. The trip had fantastic atmosphere, though it was rainy for some time and beside lace we saw a big part of Netherlands in 6 days. Aside from a lot of impressions I brought home many photos too. Some of them are on my web pages - here you can see the photos from travelling and in OIDFA gallery part of the lace photos. (A result of a trip I made also a DVD with another 3500 photos ;-)). You can also see other news on my pages here.
Our trip began in the town Groningen, where OIDFA Congress was held and we spent the whole day here - there were many expositions, sellers, exhibitions. We were proud of Czech exposition with the curtains made of 444 lace pieces created by many and many Czech lacemakers. They were made by the pattern of famous Czech lacemaker Iva Prošková. The expositions of other states were also interesting - I liked best the Spanish and British one. A big part of OIDFA was occupied by a handbag competition - my tip was about 250 handbags - and it was really worth seeing! There was so much invention, fantasy, ideas and craft to see here! Another interesting exhibition was called From Then to Now and it was tremendous too. My favorite was a really wonderful exhibition of modern lace in St. Martin's Church and beside this took me up hats in the Beilen exhibition and other hats and handbags in Leens exhibition.
Our programme was polarized on lace in the next days too - we visited a privite museum of historical costumes in Noordhorn (it was lovely and you could meet the members of this family showing costumes on OIDFA too). The we saw lace museums i Leeuwarden and during the way back there were two other lace exhibitions - Floral Bedforshire exhibition (and Withof lace) in Apeldoorn and Hollandsche Kant exhibition in Zwolle. Both were marvelous and very interesting. The last exhibiton was in Cuijk and it was an exhibition of Czech lacemakers from Přerov.
But Netherlands is not only lace, but also other beauties -we walked the streets of Groningen (most of all you can see the bikes - they are really everywhere, even in underground parking places ). We tried some local species like fried fish and cheese which was in many cheese shops. Next day we had a trip to the Groningen lakes a to the water fortress in Leens and to Noordhornu. Typical sights in this country offer feeding cows, horses or sheeps on green pastures surrounded by water channels and you can see a lot of windmills too. Lovely little houses with gardens and big windows are also typical, the same way as fantastic tors with many channels, drawbridges and narrow brick houses. The churches are built in the style of "brick gothic". Such was also Monnickendam, where we had an accomodation for free days with a wonderful sight on yacht harbour. We also tasted here Rothe local species - a herink, which was really excellent. Extremely interesting was also an exhibition of japanese basketry in school for basket makers in Noordwolte. The curiosity was for instance a whole basketry motorcycle ;-).
Netherlands jewel i sof course Amsterdam - we had one day for the excursion and we saw a lot - a chinese town, outdoor town museum Bejinhof, a famous flower market, Rijksmuzeum with old master paintings, muzeum of Van Gogha. We took a boat trip by a Canalbus to Rembrandt house a and we admired a sculptural group of Nigth Watch, which was made after the famous Rembrandt's painting. Next day we visited peninsula Noord Holland north of Amsterdamem - and we got wet during the storm in beautiful village and harbour Marken. In Volendamu we had an excursion in manufacture for producing typical Netherlands wooden shoes and famous cheese and we bought some souvenirs here, of course. Very windy was the visit of Bergen aan Zee - it's a great beach with sand dunes. But it was really cold for swimming, we felt better in jackets ;-). Our last stop was in Alkmaar, where the cheese fairs are held (but unfortunately not in the time we were there).

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Agnes Boddington Agnes Boddington | E-mail | Web | 13. srpna 2008 v 12:16 | Reagovat

Hello Lucy

Wonderful photo's from OIDFA and the Netherlands. Especially the one from the cheese shop, makes me yearn for some real proper gorgeous tasty Dutch cheese from my home country. Here in UK they only sell the rubbish that we export.

Agnes Boddington

2 Gon Homburg Gon Homburg | E-mail | Web | 6. listopadu 2008 v 16:21 | Reagovat

Hello Lucie,

I tried to ask via Arachne for a teacher or a lacemaker in Prague, who can help and teach lace to a student of mine. This is a Japanese lade, who is going to live in Prague from december 2008. She can make bobbin-lace but should like to take more lessons. She speaks Japanese and Spanish, but is very good in looking how you are doing things and then imitate it. Furthermore she is likely to learn the words in Czech she will need to be teached. Can you help her?

Happy lacing

Gon Homburg

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