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What's New In October

23. října 2007 v 10:09 | Lucie Kudrnová |  In English
I'd like to draw your attention to some news and lace exhibitions that I have attended and from which I have made some picture report. In half of October, lace days in Nordhalben in Germany were held. This was connected with the exhibition of bobbin lace on fairy tales motives and with the exhibition of Mrs. Ulrike Löhr, an excellent lacemaker. She has personally given us a commentary to her lace, which was really fascinating, each lace has it's own history connected with the inspiration and a story. So she told us about a lace which was inspired by a psalm in Bible - about hope and light in the dark places, another one inspired by a poem about a last autumn rose, so beautiful and live and so near to death, lace mirroring the water surface, another lace representing the soul, for some time visible in the world, then dissapearing and again appearing like threads, that are weaving in and out. Really breathtaking thing! You can see some photos from these exhibitions.
In Prague there was a vernissage of an exhibition named Lace jewelry by a czech lacemaker Anna Halíková. Her jewelry is really original and wonderful. Another exhibition named Wonder Tracks of Threads was organized by Inspiration Club in Prague and members of this club exhibited their lace here.
From my own recent lace work I put a free pattern of a bracelet on my pages and in the gallery a series of lace jewelry with beads, inspired by a core of trees.

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