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Something more about pillows

15. srpna 2007 v 11:34 | Lucie Kudrnová |  In English
In several articles I'd like to return to some things in my gallery and write a little bit more about them. According to the fact, that some visitors are English speaking, the Czech articles will be time to time duplicated in English (like this one), there are newly added English names of Sections and Galleries (where it isn't too long ;-) and step by step there will be completed English description of the pictures in the galleries located under the pictures (it's in first three of them yet).
First, I'd like to write something about pillows. Most of my pillows I make by my own, I stuff them with hay or sawdust and I use various shapes, according to the lace I want to make.
My son helps me with this - we make them on our cottage, I sew the cover of pillows and my son cuts out the wooden boards. He had also made for me some wooden pillow stands.
The conical pillow was made for lacing an angel, using raw materials as raw threads, paper rope and pedig (to make the wings stiff). On the first picture the angel is on the pillow yet and on the second one it's already done. To use the pillow more then once I made some other laces - like the small "sputnik" angel with wire wings, head and "antenas" and a purple one, too.
The rotund pillow was used for a hat, I can be seen on in process, and here completed.
But my favourite pillow is a round one, I make most of lace on it .

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