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28. června 2007 v 8:29 | Lucie Kudrnová |  In English
Hello everybody, Iď like to write something about my lacepages and about me here. My name is Lucy Kudrnova and I come from Czech Republic. I live in Prague, the capital city. I am married and I have 2 already grown children a son (22) and a daughter (21). My profession is a programmer and analyst and bobbin lace is my great hobby.
I am lacing for about 5 or 6 years now, first I started to learn lace by myself only studying books and then I began to attend the lace courses organized by the Educational Association of Art Craft ( ). The courses are really perfect, inspirative and we learn a lot. Our teachers are the best Czech lacemakers - Iva Prošková, Milča Eremiášová and Ivana Domanjová. The association is also holding many exhibitions (O.I.D.F.A., Annaberg, Plauen, Vamberk,...) and organizes lacemakers fairs.
I am interested especially in modern lace and I make a lot of experiments with combining materials. All presented lace (except the gallery What I have visited(Co jsem navštívila) ;-)) is made by my own designs. My lace is mostly in colour, I combine thin and thick materials, wool, often I use paper rope. My laces are also combined with wire, beads or with natural materials - like dried flowers (an Angel), wood, even with pine needles (a handbag). Some of my works are 3D (like hanging angels and fish, three dimensional fractals etc.) I am also making neckpieces, necklaces, woman lace hats and aplications on cloth - especially jean cloth.
So I am interested in all modern methods in lacemaking and lace for nowadays used in fashion and art. Among my other hobbies belongs photographing, tourism, hiking and biking. Occasionally I also do some other handwork as passe-partout, work with wire etc.
You can find some of my other English articles about lace in section named In English.
My photogallery is divided by themes and I will put here a translation od items:
Galerie - Gallery
Andělé - Angels
Motýli s drátem (i bez) - Butterflies with wire (and without wire, too)
Kabely a pásky - Handbags and belts
Šály - Wraps, scarfs
Turistika a fotografování - Tourism and photography
Krajka ve strukturách dřeva - Lace in wooden structures
Klobouky - Woman hats
Herdule - My pillows for lacemaking
Barevné kompozice - Color compositions
Plovoucí ryby - Swimming fish
Krajka a dřevo - Lace and wood
Prostorové fraktály - 3D fractals
Co jsem navštívila - What I have visited
Foto z vyučování - Photos form the courses
Krajka a džíny - Lace and jeans
Krajka a korálky - Lace and beads (necklages)
Různé další krajky - Other lace
Pasparty - Passe-partout

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 tessie grima tessie grima | E-mail | 8. srpna 2007 v 8:05 | Reagovat

Dear , i am amanzing about your side especailly the bobbins . I,m from Malta I.m sure you hear about our lace work which is very nice too, can i ask you if we could excahnge some bobbins me and you and if you like i can sent you some maltese patterns too . best regards Tess and well done . good luck

2 A. González A. González | E-mail | 17. září 2007 v 19:06 | Reagovat

What really amazes me is the creativity you have. I am from Spain and we know modern lace thanks to czech lace. Thanks a lot for letting us see it!

Greetings from Antje.

3 Carolina de la Guardia Carolina de la Guardia | E-mail | Web | 20. září 2007 v 12:34 | Reagovat

Hello Lucy,

I am a fan of all czhec lace, particularly in the field of creativity and the evolution that this represents into lace world.

Thank you for share it.

Carolina from Barcelona.Spain.

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